Men's necklaces come in a variety of metals and styles.  Gold necklaces, also commonly referred to as gold chains, are especially popular.

Cross Necklace

History of Men's Necklaces

Ancient Times

Men's necklaces were worn thousands of years ago for various purposes.  Most people have seen the famous wreath wrapped around the neck of Olympic athletes in Ancient Greece.

The Celtics of Ireland wore gold necklaces as jewelry, and also wore strong metal necklaces as battle gear during warfare.  These were called torcs.


Necklaces were were by many different Ancients to notate their high status in society and their wealth.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages men's necklaces were commonplace, however, the metal used for the necklace was dependant upon social class.  The upper class would wear gold and silver necklaces and lower classes would wear cheaper metals such as copper.

Precious gemstones became more commonplace amongst royalty during the Middle Ages.  Exotic necklaces adorned with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires were crafted.

Modern Times

Nowadays men's necklaces come in almost any metal or material imagined.  It's very common for men to wear a pendant such as a cross adorned to their necklace. 


Men's necklaces are very fashionable ranging from large metal chains to sea shells.  Necklaces are worn for special occassions, memorable places, and keepsakes alike.

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